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Cochlear compression in hearing loss: relationship to understanding speech in noise.


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In our work we often process audio clips in interesting ways to mimic models
of hearing loss and measure the effect on listener comprehension.
Click on the "play sample" buttons to the right of the following conditions
to hear how they sound. Can you still understand what is being said?

Audio Description

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1. Speech in noise (female talker)

2. Speech in noise (male talker)
3. Filtered speech (f<1000 Hz) in noise (female talker)
4. Filtered speech (f<1000 Hz) in noise (male talker)
5. Speech in gated noise (gate freq = 8 Hz)
6. Gated speech (gate freq = 4 Hz)
7. Gated speech (gate freq = 16 Hz)
8. Filtered speech in gated noise (gate freq = 8 Hz)

Children's Need for Favorable Acoustics in Schools
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